30 Fun Things To Do During The Summer Holidays That Won’t Break The Bank

things to do in summer holidays

The summer holidays are here! It’s time to put the textbooks away, step outside, and enjoy the sunny days. But how can you make the most of your summer break without breaking the bank? In this article, we’ll give you 30 fun and creative ideas for activities that will keep your wallet happy while leaving you with lasting memories.


Summer is the perfect time to enjoy some fun activities without spending a lot of money. Here are some great ideas for summer fun that won’t break the bank:

  1. Visit your local library – Most libraries offer a variety of free events and activities during the summer months. Check out what’s happening at your local library and take advantage of the free entertainment.
  2. Go for a hike or bike ride – Getting outdoors is one of the best things you can do during summertime. Explore your local hiking trails or go for a leisurely bike ride around town.
  3. Have a picnic – Pack up your favorite foods and head to your nearest park for a picnic lunch or dinner. It’s a great way to enjoy good weather and save on restaurant bills.
  4. Take advantage of free concerts and events – Many towns and cities offer free concerts and other events during the summer months. Check out your local event calendar and take advantage of the free entertainment options in your area.
  5. Plan a game night – Get together with friends or family for a fun game night featuring your favorite board games or video games. You’ll have plenty of laughs without spending any money

Outdoor Activities

There are plenty of outdoor activities that are perfect for summertime fun without breaking the bank. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

-Take a hike: There are tons of hiking trails of varying difficulty levels all across the country. Do some research to find one near you and enjoy a day exploring nature.

-Have a picnic: Pack a lunch and head to your local park for a leisurely picnic. Don’t forget to bring along some games or a good book to keep you entertained.

-Visit the beach: A trip to the beach is always a great way to spend a summer day. Swim, build sandcastles, collect shells, and relax in the sun. Just be sure to pack plenty of sunscreen!


If you’re looking for some fun things to do during the summer holidays that won’t break the bank, there are plenty of options available. One great option is to visit some of the many attractions and museums that are located across the country.

There are a variety of different attractions and museums to choose from, so you can find something that interests you and your family. Plus, many of these places offer discounts or free admission days during the summer months, so be sure to check them out.

Some popular attractions and museums to consider visiting include:
-The Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.
-The Museum of Modern Art in New York City
-The National WWII Museum in New Orleans
-The Field Museum in Chicago
-The San Diego Zoo
-And many more!

So whether you’re looking for a day of educational fun or just want to explore something new, be sure to check out some of the great attractions and museums near you this summer.

Parks & Recreation Areas

There are plenty of parks and recreation areas to explore during the summer holidays that won’t break the bank. Here are some ideas:

-Visit your local park or recreation area and take a hike or go for a walk.
-Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy it in the great outdoors.
-Go swimming at your local pool or lake.
-Play Frisbee, soccer, or another outdoor game with friends or family.
-If you have access to a bicycle, go for a ride and explore your surroundings.

Arts & Crafts Ideas

Summer is the perfect time to get creative! If you’re looking for some fun arts and crafts ideas that won’t break the bank, check out our list below.

  1. Make your own slime! All you need is some glue, food coloring, and Borax powder. Check out this tutorial to see how it’s done.
  2. Get outside and start a nature collage. Gather leaves, flowers, berries, and anything else you can find to create a one-of-a-kind work of art.
  3. Have a painting party! Invite some friends over and set up a canvas or two in your backyard. Don’t forget the snacks and music!
  4. Make homemade greeting cards for all of your upcoming summer birthdays. Get creative with stamps, stickers, and glitter.
  5. Did someone say tie-dye? Grab some white t-shirts or fabrics and go crazy with color! This activity is sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike.

Movies & TV Show Marathons

Movies and TV show marathons are the perfect way to spend a lazy summer day. curl up on the couch with some snacks and spend the day watching your favorite shows or movies. This is a great activity for rainy days too. You can find all sorts of movie and TV marathon lists online to help you plan your day.

Restaurants and Cafes with Special Deals

Eating out can be one of the biggest expenses during the summer holidays, but it doesn’t have to be! There are plenty of restaurants and cafes that offer special deals and discounts during the summer months. Here are a few of our favourites:

  1. The Grill at The Dome – This stylish restaurant overlooking Surfers Paradise offers a great value lunch deal during the weekdays throughout summer. For just $20 you can enjoy a main meal and a drink from their extensive menu.
  2. Piccolo Me – With locations in both Brisbane and the Gold Coast, this casual Italian eatery is a great option for families on a budget. Their $10 lunch specials include a main dish, side and drink, making it excellent value for money.
  3. Soho Place – This hidden gem in Brisbane’s CBD offers an all-day happy hour on weekdays from 12pm to 6pm! Enjoy discounted drinks and nibbles while soaking up the relaxed atmosphere of this trendy bar.
  4. Hula Bula Bar – Located in Cairns, this tiki-themed bar is perfect for enjoying tropical cocktails by the pool. They offer 2-for-1 cocktails every day from 4pm to 6pm, so you can make the most of your holiday without blowing your budget.
  5. Little Creatures Brewery – Situated in Fremantle, WA, this popular brewery is offering 20% off all food items when you order two or more mains during

Games & Puzzles to Play Indoors

Looking for some fun things to do during the summer holidays that won’t break the bank? Look no further than your own home! There are plenty of games and puzzles you can play indoors to stay entertained.

One classic indoor game is hide-and-seek. This can be played with just a few people or even by yourself. All you need is a good hiding spot and someone to count while you hide. Another option is to make up your own rules for the game – like only being able to move one item in each room, or adding in a time limit.

If you’re looking for something a little more challenging, try out some brain teasers and logic puzzles. These can be found online or in puzzle books. They’re a great way to keep your mind sharp and have some fun at the same time.

Finally, don’t forget about good old-fashioned board games! These can be played with any number of people, and there’s bound to be one that everyone will enjoy. From classics like Monopoly and Clue, to newer games like Catan and Ticket to Ride, there’s something for everyone. So gather up some friends or family members and get ready for some indoor fun!

Local Events and Festivals

  1. Local Events and Festivals: There’s no need to spend a lot of money to have fun during the summer holidays – there are plenty of free or low-cost events and festivals happening all over the country. To find out what’s going on near you, check out your local council website or community noticeboard. Here are some ideas to get you started:
  • Attend a street fair or carnival – these are usually free to enter and full of fun rides, games and stalls.
  • Go to a farmers’ market – not only will you be supporting local producers, but you’ll also get to sample fresh, seasonal produce.
  • Catch a movie at an outdoor cinema – many towns and cities host free or low-cost screenings during the summer months.
  • Check out a music festival – there are often smaller, local festivals happening throughout the summer that won’t cost you an arm and a leg to attend.

Community Service Projects

Giving back to the community is a great way to spend your summer, and there are plenty of ways to do it without breaking the bank. Check with your local library, senior center, or food bank for volunteer opportunities. Many cities also have summer programs for children that could use some extra help. Another option is to reach out to a local animal shelter or rescue group; they’re always in need of volunteers to walk dogs, clean cages, or socialize cats.

Nature Walks and Hikes

If you love spending time outdoors, one of the best things you can do during the summer holidays is go for nature walks and hikes. Not only is this a great way to get some exercise, but it’s also a great way to enjoy the beauty of nature.

There are plenty of places you can go for nature walks and hikes, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a place that’s right for you. If you’re not sure where to start, check out your local state park or forest Preserve. You can also find plenty of trails at national parks and forests.

Before you head out on your hike, be sure to pack plenty of water and snacks. And if you’re hiking in an area with wildlife, always be aware of your surroundings and make noise so as not to startle any animals.

Sports Camps and Clinics

Sports camps and clinics are a great way to stay active during the summer holidays. There are many different types of sports camps and clinics available, so there is sure to be one that interests you. Some popular options include basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, and more.

Most sports camps and clinics are reasonably priced, so they won’t break the bank. And, they provide a great opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

Learning a New Language

One of the best things you can do during summer is learn a new language. Not only will it help keep your brain active, but it’ll also give you something to do when you’re bored. While there are plenty of ways to learn a new language for free online, consider signing up for a class at your local community center or university. This way, you can interact with other people who are also learning the language, and get some face-to-face practice.

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